What is Financial Coaching?

I’m always asked … ‘So what is the difference between what you do as a financial coach and what a financial advisor does?’  A very valid question.

A financial coach is a personal finance expert or educator in areas such as getting out of debt, saving for retirement, budgeting, credit, increasing income, saving for college, avoiding bankrupty, smart money management. Some may specialize in one or two areas, such as budgeting and credit. Others, such as myself, may cover most personal financial topics.

What is the difference between a financial coach and financial advisor?

Financial coaches do not sell investment products such as mutual funds, stocks, retirement accounts, insurance etc. unless they are also licensed financial advisors. Financial coaches are also not supposed to give specific investing advice – such as ‘buy this stock or that one’, as they are not licensed to do so. Coaches educate clients regarding personal finance topics, providing strategies for success. Coaches are able to ensure clients understand how investing works, investing terminology and the best time to incorporate it into their financial planning.

Financial advisors are licensed to sell investment products, can give stock advice as well as provide financial coaching services. Financial advisors are an important part of your wealth building strategy as they are investing experts who keep up with market fluctuations and news daily.

How Does Coaching with Dorethia Work?

My job is to prepare you to be able to get out of debt, save more, invest and build wealth. If you are already financially stable, we start with answering any major financial questions you have, investing education and wealth building.

Once you choose your coaching program we develop a plan tailored to your specific goals, dreams and those things that you just simply aren’t willing to give up.  After each coaching session you will have assignments to complete prior to the next session to help you stay focused and on track to reach your stated goals.

I Love My Clients!

“Where would I be without Dorethia? She was such a blessing to my pocket book and life. Dorethia helped me rule out the notion that I wasn’t making enough money but that I was mismanaging the good amount of money that I earned. The changes I made were not so drastic that my entire world changed and couldn’t enjoy life. I simply had to accept the fact that even as a young professional woman, I too needed to get in the kitchen and cook instead of throwing my money away on fast food! Dorethia taught me how to be proactive, how to prepare, plan and attack my debts. I am a forever changed woman; who cooks a lot more often now a days! Thank you Dorethia!”
Valencia, Detroit
IT Professional
“I’ve been on a financial journey ever since the day you spoke to the group of us at U of M that were going to be college advisors through Americorps. I didn’t grow up in a financially sound environment so I had no idea what to do. Meeting with you really made me think about money in a new light. From that moment forward, its been a dedicated effort to be thoughtful about money. So thank you for sharing your wisdom and promoting me to learn more and push for a better future.”
Racquel, Kentucky
Human Resources

Coaching Programs

Rock My #MoneyChat!

 You just want to get on the right path financially. Whether you are facing a financial emergency, receiving a financial windfall or just want to manage month to month successfully. You need a guiding hand to offer serious strategy that fits YOU and your goals. LETS DO IT!

Engaged or Married? 

Want to make sure you and your mate are vibing when it comes to money? Learn each other’s financial goals and money personalities so you can be on the same page!


Want to Retire Early?

Or maybe you just want to retire on time & stress free. Let’s talk about what that involves and develop a plan to get you there. Let’s make sure you understand all the rules, how much you need and when!


Investing Strategy 

So,  I get it. Investing can be confusing. Let me unravel the pieces for you in bite size chunks so you can feel comfortable building wealth. I teach you about investing, help you develop a *strategy based on your goals before you meet with a financial advisor. This allows you to interview advisors from a position of strength, you will immediately know if they are right for you!

Financial Coaching Packages

Monthly Financial Coaching 

$249.00 initial

$199.00 per month

  • Our initial session is a 2 hour, laser focused session on where you are, where you want to be and how we get you there. This gives you the foundation that we will build on throughout our coaching relationship.
  • Each month we work through your assignments, adjust where necessary and track your progress.

      *Three-month minimum commitment

 1 Hour Session


Whether you have a financial windfall coming or just had the financial wind knocked out of you we can map out a strategy for you.

Maybe you just need some advice on a major purchase or other money decision that you’d like expert advice on.

No problem, schedule an hour with me and we’ll walk through the solutions for you together!

“In working with Dorethia she helped me come up with a strategy to eliminate debt in four areas, and now I am down to one (the mortgage). In a few years, there will be no more mortgage, and I will have paid it off 10 years early thanks to her!”
S. Hines, Detroit
Administrative Assistant