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Sukia Akiba has been providing financial planning services to both business owners, professionals, and individuals in Boston and the surrounding areas for the past 11 years.  She provides her clients the option to engage in a Financial Plan that is personalized and customized to their goals and how determined they are to achieve these goals.

Whether you choose to work with her on an hourly basis, fee-only, flat retainer, or fee-based, she will guide  you every step of the way along your financial journey.  She ensures that she is constantly growing and keeping abreast with the latest educational information in the finance and real estate industry. This way she is always poised to deliver the very best in products and services:  If you need assistance with implementing your financial plan, she will facilitate this experience with expertise.

She has met the rigorous education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements set forth by the National Financial Educators Council.  Sukia operates with the belief that the beginning of better financial health begins with improved financial literacy. She acts with the utmost loyalty and in the best interests of the client at all times. That is her commitment to you.

Sukia was born in Bessemer Alabama, and spent her childhood traveling back and forth between the United States and Edo State Nigeria.  It was this contrasting lifestyle that showed her the power of financial literacy and how it transforms lives. She is a talented and seasoned consultant, with over 10 years of experience in financial and real estate consulting. She brings a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in financial coaching, acquisition of property, wealth building, and stock market investing. She takes pride in educating and strategizing for long term financial fitness.

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E-mail sukia@thesoulsupplier.com

Phone: 800-208-1768 ext 701

Instagram: @SUKIAAKIBA


Sukia obtained a Bachelor degree  in Sociology and Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, she also holds a Masters of Science in Global Health Policy, from The Heller School at  Brandeis University.

She is also a certified financial educator as well as a certified financial advisor through the National Financial Educators Council.