Our Financial Planning approach is customized to each client


At The Soul Supplier, we look beyond the numbers to truly assess our client’s financial health. We don’t just observe where your income is coming from and what sources of income you have, we also take a look at the sustainability of these sources as well  . Some of the things we help you with are:

  • What Assets have you acquired in order to meet your financial goals?
  • What Liabilities do you have? Have you projected-out exactly when they’ll be settled? Are your debts tax deductible?  Did you create a roadmap  to pay them off in the most effective manner?
  • We don’t just look at how much you make, but also all your sources of income. It is important to understand the sources of your income, or where they may come from in the future because this will determine how each source of income is taxed.
  • Financial obligations? The first step is to budget to get on track to reach their financial goals.

Every client comes with unique life situations and needs- therefore, the advice we provide is structured around each client’s lifestyle and goals.

Whether your goal is a smooth transition into retirement, planning for your kid’s college education, or even saving for your forever dream home, at The Soul Supplier we’ll be honored to guide you in your financial planning needs.

We focus on three phases of Financial Planning:

  • Asset Accumulation
  • Asset distribution
  • Asset preservation

What does Financial Planning entail?

  • Creation of a comprehensive Financial Roadmap to success
  • Assessment of your assets vs your liabilities
  • Best Approach to Adjustable Retirement Account Withdrawals
  • Family Gifting, Charitable Trusts, Donor Advised Funds, Special Needs Trusts, etc.
  • Real Estate Advice – home purchases, income properties, and tax strategies to boost your score; this way you qualify for the home you want!
  • Review of current investments and assessment of future desired investment
  • Effective portfolio diversification strategies

What tools do we utilize?

  • Fee-based asset management services
  • Customize your portfolio to form a variety of investment options: Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Business Development Companies (BDC’s), and MLPs amongst others.
  • We conduct a thorough research to help you select only those investments that mimic your risk/reward profile.
  • We focus on tax efficient investing

Financial planning is an ongoing process. It is dynamic and changes as people figure out the best way to earn, manage and grow their money. Financial Planning is an ongoing process that requires monitoring and adjusting of your originally designed game-plan and reorganizing it to fit into your life anf and how the world is operating of how the world operates .It is due to the ongoing changes in our personal lives: we switch jobs,get a promotion,  get married and have kids. We keep track of the  economic changes, as well.

Our service assesses your financial health by:

  • Ongoing updates to your financial plan
  • Close tracking of every detail of your personal financial situation
  • In-depth reports
  • Taking you through the investment process (2-3 meetings to educate you about your investments)
  • Periodically check your asset allocation to ensure that it is within the limits
  • Access to Web-based retirement planning tools
  • Implementation of the recommendations within days after the engagement
  • Answers to all of your financial planning-related questions

Projecting your income sources:

  • Social Security: get estimates of your retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. Additionally, you can get your income record and the estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid from using Social Security.
  • Value of real estate, personal property, art, collectibles, gold, business interests, etc.Deciding when and where to spend your life is one of the most important things we focus on, that is a thing of the past! With The Soul Supplier we want to help you optimize, living abundantly and creating generational wealth! We help you to continually reassess your situation, so that you are ready to adapt to changing conditions as well as your changing aspirations. There are many considerations in which professionals are best equipped in helping plot the best course of action for planning your goals. We can assist you with defining and quantifying what you want to do with your future, determine income needs, take inventory of your assets, your health insurance.