Hey, hey, hey……..

Many of you know my story. I was a single mom and I never wanted that to be a crutch, so I hustled to do what I had to so my kids didn’t lack anything.

It was a struggle – between a full-time job, side gig, full-time school and full-time mama. My saying used to be that I was operating on fumes… on top of that… I was broke. I hated it and knew there had to be a better way. I started reading money books, researching, listening to experts and going to seminars. That’s how I was able to change my habits and pay down my debt. 

I studied personal finance for 3 years before starting my own business.  I tailor my coaching to the needs of each client, I know what it’s like to be ‘categorized’. Everyone’s goals are different, I want to help people reach them! 

In addition to coaching, I’ve been blessed to speak, write and be a brand ambassador. Each aspect of my business brings new experiences and I am grateful for that – it makes the journey fun.

I am also very passionate about community empowerment, I believe in each one reach one. When I didn’t even realize I needed help, people saw what I didn’t see in me and showed up. I try to do the same. Not just in word, but in deed. One of the reasons I wanted to be financially free was so that I could help others.  

What’s Your Top 5?

Speaking of fun… here’s a game we play at my house based on Chris Rock’s Movie ‘Top 5’… I’ve listed mine, shoot me a message with yours!!


Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, (I read their stuff as a pre-teen and though some of it was confusing at the time since I was so young, their writing had a great impact on me. Maya Angelou was my first shero, I was able to hear her speak twice.)   Malcolm Gladwell, T.D. Jakes, and ME! (Like Lebron, I’ll always choose me!)

Colors:      Creams, Corals, Teals, Pink, Burnt Orange… beachy colors

Music:       I love all music… from hip hop to country and everything in between


Tupac, Nas, Common, Eric B and Rakim, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte… there really are a lot… Mahogany Jones, John Givez, Chance the Rapper, J.Cole… … I know I cheated a little.


I love fashion. Of course my own #MoneyChat T-Shirt line is #1… but the Express Jeans Editor Pant line is a fave b/c it comes in so many styles.  I love ripped jeans and peplum dresses too, they are my friends lol

Food:  Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shrimp … oh… and shrimp!

Financial Experts:

There are too many to name, most are my friends, so I will start with the ones who changed my life early on, in the order I discovered or met them:

Gail Perry-Mason – First met her in college at an investment event, she was so open in sharing with us. It would be years later that we would reconnect and become friends. She has been a mentor and a blessing to me!

Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover + listened to his broadcast 3 years faithfully to get my money on point before starting my business. I soaked in his advice and it literally changed my life. I’m thankful! The only one on my list of money people to meet that I haven’t … it’s coming.

Glinda Bridgforth-Hodges – After discovering Dave, I searched for financial coaches… she was the ONLY black financial coach I found at the time. Honestly, one of the only financial coaches period. Now there are a ton of us. I cut her picture out and put it on my vision board (a wall in my bedroom full of sticky notes). I had no clue that years later I would serve with her in ministry and she’d become a friend and mentor who has been instrumental in my success.

Bishop Keith Butler – He taught us how to be financial stewards and ensured there were practical classes several times a year. He solidified the journey I was on to financial success and I’m grateful that he saw the vision to help his congregation with finances.

Lynette Khalfani – Cox – Soooo after following her for years… like 10…reading her books, watching her on tv, etc. …  I was invited to an intimate financial dinner and could have hit the floor when she walked in the room. I was elated! She is awesome and always providing resources.

Thomas J. Stanley – Loved the Millionaire Next Door and Stop Acting Rich. The former I read at the beginning of my journey and the latter after I had seen many successes financially. Both had a great impact on my mindset.

Alright… I was serious – what’s YOUR Top 5?